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DATE: June 27, 2002


(Washington, D.C. June 27, 2002) - In a "resounding defeat" for President Bush, a Senate committee today rejected the President's plan to weaken the Clean Air Act, the nonprofit Clean Air Trust said today.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee narrowly approved legislation by its chairman, Senator Jim Jeffords (I-VT), to clean up electric power plant emissions.

The Bush Administration has opposed the Jeffords' plan on two key points: the Bush Administration wants to eliminate key provisions of the current Clean Air Act (Jeffords would not), and the Administration opposes Jeffords' plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electric power plants.

Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) had drafted a rival plan, modeled on the Bush Administration's proposal, but Smith withdrew it after realizing it would be soundly rejected.

"Today's vote was a resounding defeat for President Bush," said , executive director of the Clean Air Trust. "His so-called 'Clear Skies' plan has just been sent to the ash heap of history."

Quick action by the full Senate is not expected. But the Clean Air Trust said it would continue to monitor the progress of the legislation to make sure that key provisions of the existing Clean Air Act remain intact.

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