Waste Conservation

REDUCE. Reducing the amount of garbage your household produces is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with your household waste.

RECYCLE. Increase the portion of your waste that you put in the recycle bin. Stay informed about the types of waste that your waste collector will accept in the recycling bin and think of ways you can make it easier for yourself and members of your household to make sure those materials end up in the recycling bin and not in the garbage. If you are getting rid of large quantities of waste that are recyclable, try and use an eco-friendly skip hire or dumpster company. Not many people are aware that these exist but with a little research you will find one that deals with recycling waste.

COMPOST. Composting kitchen and yard waste not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions and waste collection costs, but also provides a source of garden fertilizer. Many communities offer subsidized household composting containers.